Q-Bond Will Repair Items You Didn’t Think Possible

Q-Bond Will Repair Items You Didn’t Think Possible

I found a repair product called Q-Bond while surfing YouTube… see video links below… and it looked like it worked so I purchased a kit. Q-Bond is essentially super glue along with filler material. The two together work very well.

Over the last few months I have used Q-Bond to make several repairs. I repaired the door-pull  on my pickup truck door, the air conditioner control knob on the dash and the toilet flush peddle along with several smaller items.

Maybe I am a slow learner but a couple of the repairs didn’t hold the first time. A little more thought and another application, I now believe the repaired parts are probably stronger than the originals.

In making my repairs I learned it is best to apply the powder and adhesive in thin layers when trying to build up reinforcements  or fill in holes. If you try to use too much powder the adhesive will cure on the surface and you will still have powder underneath.

You should avoid breathing the fumes when applying the adhesive they are noxious. Same goes when  sanding or grinding the cured adhesive.

Also while watching YouTube, I learned that others use baking soda and super glue to make the same types of repairs. I tested this… I have not ‘repaired’ anything… and it does seem to work.

Links to some Q-Bond videos on YouTube

(these videos are 10 minutes or less and show example repairs)





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