Foxelli MX500 Headlight Perfect for RVers

Foxelli MX500 Headlight Perfect for RVers

Foxelli MX500 Headlight, a near perfect headlight for RVers and campers.

Head-mounted flashlights, headlamps or headlights… whatever you call them… are handy gadgets and I think every RV’er and camper should have one. But you rarely see anyone using one and I think I know why. Most of them are terrible. I’ve tried several LED headlights over the years but none were satisfactory until now. That’s why I thought I would tell you about the Foxelli MX500 I found.

It is almost the perfect headlight and I have been using it far more than any headlamp I’ve used before. It has a lot of features but I’ll just cover the top three in no special order because they are equally important to me.

1. Light weight. The Foxelli MX500 weighs in at just 4.4 ounces. So light I sometimes forget I am wearing it. That means it’s comfortable to wear.

2. It is bright! The Ultra-Bright mode boasts 280 lumens and can be too bright for some uses. But the headlight has three other modes 12LM, 95LM and 200 LM so choosing the proper light level is easy.

3. The battery. It mounts on the strap at the back of your head. This is good because it keeps that weight off of your forehead. Which is why, for me, it is so comfortable to use. The battery is also rechargeable with a USB cable (included). That means any USB type power supply will charge it, even your laptop computer.

Foxelli LED headlight LED flashightNo other headlight I own has all three features of the Foxelli MX500 headlight has more.

I said earlier it was almost perfect which means I have complaints, but only two.

1. The headband doesn’t stay tight. Over time while you are wearing the headlight the band will get loose. There is probably a simple fix for this but I haven’t given it enough thought so, for now, I live with it as it is.

2. The light switch is not very ergonomic. It is recessed so it takes special effort to push it. When you want to switch the light on and off while wearing the headlight your natural tendency is to use the pad of your thumb. But because the button is recessed you need to push it with the tip of your thumb or finger.

If you want more information about features and price please click this link.
Foxelli MX500 Headlight, USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight, Ultra Bright Cree Led, Waterproof(IPX7), Impact Resistance, Lightweight & Comfortable, Adjustable Headband, Easy to Use, 100 Hours Battery Life On a Single Chargegraphic

So, there you go. A lot to like but a couple of small issues and a bunch of uses around the RV and campsite. If you have questions or comments about the Foxelli MX500 please post them to this page. If you think you own the perfect headlight please post the brand and model and tell us why you like it.



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