Verizon Mobile Broadband Rate Change

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Verizon’s recent changes to their Mobile Broadband plans include new lower overage charges, and a new tethering plan for non-PDA phones.

If you started a Mobile BroadBand (aka BroadBandAccess) plan that uses an aircard or USB modem AFTER March 2008, your plan is likely to bill overage charges of $0.25 per megabyte ($250/GB).

The new lower overage charge of $0.05/MB ($50/GB) will NOT be applied to your account unless you ASK for it. (go figure)

You’ll need to call verizon customer service at (800) 922-0204 and tell them you want the new/lower overage charges for your service.

IF YOU HAVE UNLIMITED SERVICE — obviously, you do NOT want to ask for the lower overage charges!

For those of you who have a Verizon cell phone and have been paying $59.99/mo for the “data feature” that allows you to tether your phone to a computer for internet access… the feature is now $49.99/mo but you must again contact VZW and stop the feature and restart it, in order to qualify for the new lower price.

Get full details about Verizon’s recent rate changes here
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