Modifications and add-ons that make RV life better

RVers usually make changes and add things to their RVs that make living and traveling in the RV better and more convenient. Bellow are a few of the modifications and add-on we’ve done to our fifth wheel.

  • Small portable ice maker. We use it all year long. We could never make enough ice cubes in the freezer… especially in the summer months… so we used to buy a bag of ice about every two days. Problem with that was there was enough room in the freezer for frozen foods. Out portable ice maker solved both problems.
  • A second bedroom and bathroom. They came with the rig… a bunkhouse model fifth wheel. We removed three of the four bunks and modified one.
  • A curved shower curtain rod. We don’t have a tub. The shower stall glass surround leaked so we needed to us a shower curtain. Removed the glass surround and replaced it with a curved curved rod and some well placed velcro. A lot lighter than the glass surround.
  • An electric powered holding tank dump valve on the forward black tank. We no longer have to crawl under the rig to dump.
  • Lined the wheel wells of the fifth wheel with heavy gauge sheet metal so blowouts won’t tear up the subfloor (again).
  • The plastic panels in the screen door obscured the view when looking out while sitting in the living room. Replacing the opaque panels with clear plastic ones improved the view considerably.

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