Adjusting Load-Distributing Hitches

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Load-distributing trailer hitches are designed to distribute the hitch weight relatively evenly to all axles of the tow vehicle and travel trailer. The tow vehicle and travel trailer should be in a level position (attitude) in order for the hitch to do its job properly. Here is how to check:

  1. With the tow vehicle loaded for a trip, measure the distance between the vehicle and the ground at reference points, which you can establish, in front and rear. Keep the figures handy for later use.
  2. Hitch the trailer and adjust the tension on the spring bars so the tow vehicle remains at roughly the same attitude (i.e., if the rear drops an inch after hitching, the front should also drop an inch).
  3. Inspect the trailer to be sure it is level. If not, hitch ball height should be raised or lowered, as necessary.

You may need spring bars rated for more weight if you cannot keep the tow vehicle from sagging in the rear.

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