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Let me say how much I enjoy your “Tip of the Day,” and thank you so much for sending it to me via E-Mail. I find myself waiting anxiously for tomorrow’s next “tip” much as I wait to read the next online edition of The New York Times’. – Lee Turner


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  1. I’ve had my Pre since shortly right after launch and am glad to locate (as a result of this forum) that I can now set a ring tone on incoming text messages and can search through e-mails and such. Now is there any hope for an upcoming launch in which I can lookup my calendar? Would make my occupation much less difficult, acquiring dates of last appointments. No other complaints, except that yesterday I used to be in and out of Sprint service (not unusual). I consider I was roaming, and looked at my calendar. Almost everything within the calendar was just one hour earlier than what I had input. The clock was 1 hour early as well. I was afraid to death–then, when we got back into Sprint support once more, anything was normalized. Has this happened to everyone else?? Hunting forward to answers, but please bear in mind, I’m no techie and speak English instead of technospeak.

  2. Newbies who think we would like to do this atleast 6. Onths a year. We currently own a 24ft Minnie Winnie…but hubby finds iit so easy to drive so we share in the driving. I find it too cramped. But we are going to give it another season. We are truly newbies. Any ideas?

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