Quartzsite RV Snowbird Migration Near Peak Season

Quartzsite RV Snowbird Migration Near Peak Season

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Quartzsite RV Snowbird Migration

What do you get when you cross one million snowbirds and desert rats, and add blocks of swap-meet junk? You get Quartzsite, AZ, in January.

Starting in the fall, tens of thousands of bargain hunters head their RV’s to the western Arizona town of 3,643. Most choose dry camping on surrounding federal Bureau of Land Management desert, seen for miles in any direction. Find a spot in the sand, and there’s your campsite.

By March, the weather will start to heat up and most the snowbirds, swap meet’ers, food stands, and RV dealers will be gone. By July, when temperatures can reach 120 degrees, the only thing left in Quartzsite will be a few restaurants and gas stations. And a few broken down RV’s left like sunken ships, but in desert sand.

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