7 RV Travel Tips For Upcoming RVing Season

7 RV Travel Tips For Upcoming RVing Season

7 RV Travel Tips For Summer RVing Season

The temperature outside is heating up, iced drinks are popping up everywhere, and people are starting to swap their jeans for shorts. Summer is officially just around the corner, and that means RVers from all over are getting ready to hit the road and indulge in some much-needed R&R.

It’s the perfect time to start planning your first warm-weather RV trek of the season, but before you take your vehicle out for a vacation, it’s always a solid idea to brush up on the basics.

To help your adventure be without hassle, here are a few pieces of travel advice to keep with these RV travel tips in mind:

RV Travel Tip # 1: Check All Things Mechanical

Nothing is more important in terms of hitting the road than making sure your RV is in sound mechanical shape. Safety should always come first, and if your motorhome has been tucked away during the cold weather, it would certainly be in your best interest to check over the key areas of your RV’s functionality, such as the batteries, air filter, water heater, brakes, oil-level, etc.

If you don’t understand vehicles on a technical level, don’t try to run through the checklist yourself, as making a best guess could lead to trouble on the road. Instead, take it to a mechanically-inclined friend or local repair shop that you trust so that you can buckle-up knowing your vehicle can handle a long trek with ease.

RV Travel Tip # 2: Try Your Best to Avoid Rush Hour

When it comes to road trip mood-killers, few things take the joy out of traveling quite like being stuck in traffic. After all, trips are all about being in motion while enjoying the scenery around you, and hitting a state of stagnancy could significantly delay your fun, not to mention your arrival time. Plus, you’ll end up wasting your fuel with stop-and-go travel.

Remember that more people travel in warm weather. This means rush hour doesn’t only attract business commuters, but it also draws in other roadtrippers. Heading out in the wee early hours of the morning will help you sail on down the freeway while beating traffic.

Also, take into account if you’ll be traveling through a large city that has a hefty rush hour of its own, and if you are, do your best to pass through before or after the traffic gets congested.

RV Travel Tip # 3: Arrive to Your Destination Before Sunset

It’s always best to try and arrive at your RV campground a couple of hours before sunset, as this gives you time to get situated while there is still sunlight available. Arriving after dusk can make it extremely difficult to set up your campsite, and if you show up later in the evening, you could end up causing commotion and bothering other campers who are trying to rest.

Research how long it’s expected to take you to get to your destination, and always add in a buffer of an hour or two to account for pit stops and unexpected hold-ups.

RV Travel Tip # 4: Remember That RV Campgrounds Can Fill Up Fast

For most RVers, traveling tends to be dramatically more enjoyable in the summer; the roads are clear, the weather’s warm, and the surrounding nature is in full bloom. The downside is that you and most other travelers have the same idea, meaning that RV campgrounds are much more populated than when compared to the colder months.

If you’re someone who values privacy when camping, take the time to research which RV campgrounds have ideally-spaced campsites or which ones are new and not yet overcrowded. While boondocking is always an option, it’s understandable if you still want the basic amenities provided. To find the hidden, sequestered gems, you can call the RV park and ask for details, conduct some thorough online research to find the most secluded options, or post a query on RV forums to get advice from your fellow RVers.  

While it can be a bit time-consuming, taking the extra time to find this information out will be well-worth it when you’re basking in the peace and quiet of your own private campsite.

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RV Travel Tip # 5: Sunscreen Is Needed While Driving in Your RV

Okay, you may not think of this as and RV travel tip, but many folks think believe they are protected from the sun when they’re in their vehicles, and while most glass does provide some protection, UVA rays can still penetrate through.

To keep you and your passengers sunburn-free, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before a long trip in your RV. That way, you can all soak up the sun without worry.

RV Travel Tip # 6: Air Out Your RV a Few Days Before Your Trip

If your RV has been left unattended during the cold months, don’t be surprised if it takes on a musty and dusty odor as the temperatures start to rise. Deep cleaning both the inside and the outside of your rig before hitting the road should be on your to-do list, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, you can deodorize your vehicle by airing it out for a few days before you hit the road; simply open the windows and let the fresh air flow through when weather permits.

RV Travel Tip # 7: Check If RV Regulations Have Been Updated

Each state has its own laws regarding RV size limitations, roads where RVs are or aren’t allowed to travel, whether or not passengers are allowed to ride in the camper, etc. You’ll want to make sure you know the laws for each area you’ll be driving in, so brush up on the rules of the road before heading out.

Remember that states periodically make adjustment to their regulations as well, so even if you know an area quite well, it’s a good idea to verify that the information you have reflects the modern times.

Happy Trails

If you put the above RV travel tips into action, you should be ready to hop into your RV and start the summer fun. That being said, happy travels!



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