Travel Trailer Hitching Tip

Email group member Bill Tokar shared this travel trailer hitching tip:

yellow trailer coupler
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For all you travel trailer towers out there, the last time we were out I had to hitch up when it was somewhat dark.

My tow vehicle is a GMC Sierra with a backup camera in the tail gate, most of the hitching is done with my eyes on the screen.

While backing up I just had one heck of a time lining up the hitch ball with the trailer hitch as it was dark, the hitch is black, the ground was black, and we were in the middle of a downpour.

When I got home I found an old can of John Deere Yellow spray paint. I coated the very front of the hitch with it and now it stands out for all to see in just about any environment. Makes hitching up a whole lot easier. Might look a bit funny, but what the heck, helps keeps the peace between me and the better half.



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