RV Driving Tips for Extreme Weather

RVing by definition is supposed to be recreational. Ideally we should only be driving our RVs when the weather is fair. But if you RV long enough you’re going to run into bad weather. You may be able to control an RV in bad weather, but the safest thing to do would be to pull over and wait it out. Here are some tips for RVing in extreme wether.

Driving Your RV in High Winds
If you are driving in areas with strong winds, take special care. Crosswinds are the greatest threat because they can push a large motor home or a vehicle/trailer combination into another lane if you are not prepared. While fifth wheel RVs are affected by high crosswind it is especially true for travel trailers.

In most cases, driving slower is the best defense against strong winds. If you are towing a trailer, you should gradually apply the trailer brakes to help control a swaying trailer. Headwinds require a heavier throttle to maintain usual speeds.

If you anticipate driving in very windy areas, call and obtain local weather and road conditions. Good sources of weather information are local airports, highway patrols, state police, or ranger stations. Often, you will see signs along the highway which show radio frequencies for weather information.

Driving your RV in Snow
Always carry drive wheel and trailer wheel chains when you travel in snow country. Learn how to put them on before you need them. Chains are needed for both the tow vehicle and for one axle of a trailer. If you have a motor home with dual-rear wheels, you will need chains for one tire on each side.

Driving your RV on Ice
If you are towing a trailer on icy roads, go slowly, especially downhill. Use the lower gears. You may be able to gain additional traction for the tow vehicle by moderately releasing the tension of the load equalizing hitch to put more weight on the drive axle of the tow vehicle. Remember to readjust the hitch after the icy road condition has passed or vehicle stability may be affected during normal driving conditions.


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