Heartland’s Sundance travel trailer first to offer Lippert automatic leveling

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Lippert Components's Level Up Leveling System
Lippert Components’s Level Up Leveling System

Heartland Recreational Vehicles has adopted Lippert Components’s Level Up automatic hydraulic leveling system as an option on their Sundance brand of travel trailers.

Heartland’s Sundance is the first travel trailer RV to offer a hydraulic four-point automatic leveling system as an option, Lippert Components noted.

“We were looking for some key differentiating features that would set the Sundance trailer apart from other brands, and we felt that automatic hydraulic leveling was one way to do that,” said Heartland RV Vice President of Sales Coley Brady. “Level Up is becoming a trend as an option more and more on our fifth-wheel RV brands, so we felt that consumers would also like to see automatic leveling as an option on a travel trailer. We introduced the product at the Hershey Show, our dealer open house, and at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, and the response has been outstanding.”

“At one time, automatic leveling was something found only on high-end units such as expensive luxury fifth-wheel RVs,” said LCI Vice President of Sales Andy Murray. “Today, the RV industry is moving towards offering leveling products as standard or as an option on less expensive fifth-wheel and travel trailer RVs. We’re seeing that OEMs are turning to the Level Up from LCI to help fulfill this demand.”

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