How to use a multimeter to troubleshoot your RV’s electrical system

If you are an RVer who wants to do as much of the maintenance and repair work the comes with owning an RV yourself, having a solid understanding of the RV’s electrical systems and a good multimeter are essential.

You can get basic information about your RV’s electrical systems at Start with the article: RV Electrical Systems Basics

Below is a YouTube video that shows you how to use a multimeter.

RVBasics email group member, Jim Foreman, found this YouTube video that gives instruction on using the multimeter to check continuity under the hood.


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4 Responses to "How to use a multimeter to troubleshoot your RV’s electrical system"

  1. We have a 2006 NISSAN Frontier SE PU 4.0 V6 with a 5′ Bed. Is there a Fifth wheel trailer that is small enough for this size pickup to handle?. Look forward to your comments. Mike Dunkin

  2. Mike, with a 5′ bed I believe your best option is a traditional travel trailer. I do not recommend fifth wheel trailers for short-bed trucks. You will be able to find many small travel trailers that will tow just fine behind your truck.

  3. my r.v. has two electrical panels and brakers one works and the other does not. the one that does not work runs the back coleman ac., and the furnace what is wrong. and how can this problem be fixed. is a 1994 arrow space.

  4. Is your RV wired for 50 amp service? If it is and you are using an adaptor to plug into a 30 amp outlet the circuit to powers the rear air conditioner will be dead because it is not possible to run 2 air conditioners on a 30 amp circuit. It’s a little more complicated than than that but that is the result. Here’s a link to an article that explains it.

    If the above doesn’t explain your problem then you’ll need an RV tech to look at it.

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