Keep Your RV Bumper Caps On

Keep Your RV Bumper Caps On
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Last updated on December 8th, 2021 at 05:05 pm

If you travel enough you’ll eventually spot an RV sewer hose along the road. You have to feel sorry for the RVer who ‘lost’ it, you because know what happened and he’s going to find it missing when he needs it the most.

You can reduce or eliminate the chances of losing your bumper cap with these tips.

If you have an older rig it might be time to replace the bumper caps. Over time the caps will get hard and won’t ‘grip’ the inside of the bumper well.

Don’t overstuff the bumper with the hose. Even if you can stuff the hose in and put the cap on, over time the hose is going to expand and push the cap out.

The best solution is to drill a 3/16 inch hole down through the top of the bumper with the cap in place. You want to drill the hole back from the end of the bumper but still catch the cap so do some measuring.

Place a 2 to 3 inch long bolt, long nail or rod into the hole to secure the cap. The long length will keep it from popping out while on the road.

To be double safe you can drill a corresponding hole through the bottom too if you want and extend the rod or screw down through the bumper. A gutter spike would work well for this.

my hardware junk box
Over the years I’ve collected an assortment of hardware. I can almost always find something I can use in there somewhere.
drill bit and bolt
I found this bolt and then selected a drill bit just a little larger.


drilling the hole
Makes sure you drill down through the cap too.
bumper cap keeper in place
So here is the bumper cap keeper in place. It’s a quick easy project. It took me longer to find the bolt, drill bit and driver than it did to do the job.


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