Drain Master RV Waste Dump Valve

Drain Master RV Waste Dump Valve

Drain Master RV Waste Dump Valve for Hard-to-Reach Valves

I knew when we bought our new fifth wheel that I would eventually have to do something about the holding tank plumbing. The Drain Master RV waste dump valve was the key part of the holding tank drain system makeover.

Our Coachmen fifth wheel bunkhouse floor plan was designed with two toilets, one up front and one in the rear. Apparently Coachmen couldn’t figure out how or didn’t want to spend the extra money to plumb the two together and instead we had to have two sewer hoses going into a ‘Y’ fitting at the sewer hookup. It was a real hassle and required carrying an extra twenty feet of hose which was difficult to stow.

Drain Master RV Waste Dump Valve
Drain Master RV Waste Dump Valve

Even worse, to connect a sewer hose or operate the valve on the front holding tank we had to get on hands and knees and crawl under the trailer to reach it! That wouldn’t be fun for a young person but for a couple of old folks it was literally a pain. We had to live with it for about six months.

Installing the Drain Master RV waste dump valve was the easiest part of the whole project. If you have a hard to reach valve… even if it’s not as bad as mine was… you may want to consider replacing it with a Drain Master. If you are just a little handy, you can do it yourself. Phase Four Industries’ Drain Master kit has all you need to replace an existing manual valve and the instructions are complete, accurate and easy to follow. No special tools required.

You can read more and see photos of my RV holding tank makeover at RVbasics.com.

Empty holding tanks with the press of a switch!

Eliminates bending, reaching and straining to open the waste valve on your RV. Attach the hose and press the switch to drain your tank. An LED indicator shows when valve is open, to avoid accidental leaks and spills.

Easily attaches to your manual valve. Draws less than 2.5 amps of 12-volt power during operation. Opens and closes in about 2 seconds. Manual override if power fails. Fully sealed motor. Made of aluminum, stainless steel and ABS plastic, so it will not rust or corrode. Includes switch with LED indicator and label for mounting near valve. Barker 3″ Auto Drain RV Waste Valve



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  1. The electric waste valve is a great idea. When we had our fifth wheel, the valves were quite a ways under the camper, but were operated remotely by cable (I think) which always seemed on the verge of sticking. An electric waste valve would have been a better design for that camper, I think. We now have a small class C and the waste valves are much easier to operate.

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