Texas allows RV owners to renew registration without inspection

Escapees RV Club LogoThe Escapee’s Club updated its members today about a law to be enacted March 1 that would impact members who register their vehicles in Texas.

A solution will be in place to allow RVers and others who are citizens of the state to be able to re-register their vehicles without having to drive back to the state for the MVIS sticker.

During a Senate Transportation Committee meeting, Whitney Brewster, the director of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, publicly stated that residents who are out of state at the time registration is due will be allowed to complete the process without the need to return to the state for the vehicle inspection. Online re-registration will be available for people who choose to use this option. However Escapees said it is not known what type of documents will be needed to show proof that the resident is out of state.

“When the vehicle has returned to the state, then the owner will have 72 hours to get the required inspection,” said Jim Koka, Escapees advocacy director. “All Texas county registration offices will have the ability to override the inspection requirement during the re-registration request.

“I would like to thank you for your patience while the wheels were grinding out a favorable solution for us who register our vehicles in Texas,” said Koca.  “I will continue to monitor this issue and will report back to you when needed.”




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