Sherwood, Ore Bans RVs from Overnights at Walmart

go to jailSherwood, Ore.’s elected officials sent a message to recreational vehicle owners to stay out of the city’s private streets and parking lots, including a local Walmart store. And now they’re hearing back. reported that more than 20 RVers from across the U.S. have emailed Sherwood’s council criticizing the city’s newly-adopted camping ban. Many said they will avoid Sherwood on their trips through Oregon. The news has spread through RV online groups, including a Walmart RVing Yahoo group with more than 9,000 members.

After Walmart announced it was coming to Sherwood, angry residents suggested a flurry of new ordinances, including a ban on overnight parking. Councilors considered it, then punted to a special committee on business regulation.

That committee produced an ordinance banning camping in areas open to the public, including by recreational vehicles and transients. The police chief supported the ordinance, concerned that campers risk becoming victims of crime. The ordinance almost went before Sherwood voters, but councilors made tweaks and unanimously approved it themselves.

Wal-Mart says RV shoppers are among its best customers, but leaves overnight parking to store manager discretion. Police Chief Jeff Groth said his officers would ask RV drivers to move along, but allow them to sleep if they need shut-eye.

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