Long Long Trailer – The Movie & Book

Long Long Trailer – The Movie & Book

Celebrate the Long Long Trailer and the History of RVing

Not long after the rise in popularity of the automobile folks began building trailers similar those used today to pull behind their cars and hit the open road. Today we celebrate that rich history and have some fun in the long long trailer.

The Long, Long Trailer – The Book

The book  chronicles the year-long cross country adventures of full time RVers Clinton and Merle Twiss in the late 1940s.  Read the description from the dust jacket.

long long trailer movie
Nicky & Mrs. Hittaway carry Tacy in to the long long trailer.

Clinton Twiss – Author of The Long, Long Trailer

Like many other full-time RVers, Clinton and Merle Twiss let their apartment go, sold most of their possessions and bought a travel trailer with plans to travel the United States and Canada for two years. But Clinton and Merle did it back in the late 1940s.

The Long, Long Trailer – The Movie

Learn about the Movie; one of the first about the RVing lifestyle, take the Long, Log Trailer Trivia Quiz, listen to audio clips from the movie.

Buy a DVD of The Long Long Trailer
Are you a fan of the movie? Take the Long Long Trailer Trivia Quiz




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