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Today’s tip os provided by Coleen Sykora

Yes, it is possible – and practical – to make enough money to live in an RV full-time, travel, and enjoy life! There are more jobs for RVers and work campers than there are RVers and campers willing to work. You can also earn a living running a business from your RV. Here’s a couple of tips.

Increase You Compensation with Additional Benefits

If you can’t negotiate higher wages with an employer, you might ask for one or more other benefits, such as these:
Meals and beverages
Ice or freezer space
College classes
Rafting, kayaking, or flight-seeing trips
Use of laundry facilities
Use of company car
Passes to community attractions and events
Guided tours and excursions
Store discounts
Off season housing or RV storage
An RV site for a visiting friend for a couple days
Use of company tools, boats, bicycles, or other equipment

Ways RVers Make Money

Here’s a sampling of work RVers can do to cut their expenses, earn a living and pay for their travels.

Flight seeing guide
Building construction work
Sell cookware at home and RV shows
Water park attendant
Service portable toilets
Campground grounds keeper
Teach aerobics
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