Steinbrucke Pocket Knife Review

Steinbrucke Pocket Knife Review
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With this Steinbrucke pocket knife review, I will offer my opinion. While I carry a knife every day and use it nearly every day, I am not a knife expert. If you are looking for a review with technical details, this isn’t it.

Steinbruke pocket knife
This larger Steinbrucke pocket knife has no scales, making it a little thinner, but it is still a handful. I suspect the finish will show wear after some use. Enlarge photo.

I have carried a pocket knife for 50 years. The first was a Victorinox’ army knife’ I found in a parking lot. It was so handy that I carried it and a replacement for 40 years until I switched to a couple of Kershaw knives I use interchangeably.

I received four knives for review. But it was actually two knives, each with a plain blade and a serrated blade.

The Steinbrucke pocket knives I received are well made and sharp. And, thanks to the spring assist, they were easy to open. No flip of the rest is required.

The pocket clip can be switched to either end but only on one side.

Steinbrucke Pocket Knife
The knife on the bottom is the one I carried. You can see the scale looks a little shabby after about two months in my pocket. The blade is fine, it’s packing tape glue.   Click to enlarge.


I chose the smaller Steinbrucke pocket knife OKV-012 plain-blade knife to carry and use because it is very much like my Kershaw knives in size and weight. 

For the two months I carried and used the Steinbrucke, I didn’t miss my Kershaws. For me, that says a lot about the quality of the knife. And it is still sharp enough for general use, but it is time to get out my Lansky Sharpening System.

The only negative I found is the aluminum scales are looking a little shabby. The G10 material is embedded in the scales and mainly for aesthetics.

A knife that lives in the same pocket with a flashlight, pocket cellphone charger, spare change and, sometimes, my keyring has a tough life, but my Kershaws with G10 scales still look good after years in the same environment. 

On the positive side, Steinbrucke uses 14C28N metal in its blades. You don’t usually find that on inexpensive knives. 

I can recommend them. The knives are well made and outclass other brands that sell in the same price range. The assisted opening lets you open and close with one hand.

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A disclaimer, I received four knives from Steinbrucke for review. I received NO other compensation. Links to Amazon products are affiliate links. 

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