Makita Cordless Combo Kit – $99

Makita Cordless Tool Kit

Being able to do your own RV repairs can save a lot of money and save the camping trip too. Having a good tool kit make the repairs possible.

In this RV tip of the day I’d like to share the newest addition to my tool kit. The Makita LCT209W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit.

The kit contains a cordless drill driver and a cordless impact screw and bolt driver along with two battery packs and a battery charger. All fit neatly in a sturdy aluminum case.

The small size of the storage case and the tools themselves make them ideal for the space and weight conscious RVer. What’s better is the price. Right now you can get this kit at HomeDepot for just $99. If you know anything about name brand power tools you know you can easily pay $99 for just one tool.

It’s my understanding the price is good through December 2013 but some stores may already be out of stock. You can buy it from however.

I was able to find the kit for $99 at but as I write this the best Amazon can do is $119. Still a good deal in my mind. If you have Amazon Prime you’ll save the shipping cost versus make the cost more competitive.

Don’t believe the small size and low price of these tools means they’re wimpy. They are not. New motor technology means you get the same power as the older, larger motors in a smaller size.

Same goes for the Lithium-Ion battery packs. Lithium-Ion batteries are more power dense than the old Ni-Cad batteries which means the same power in a smaller package.

I couldn’t find a YouTube review of my particular kit but this review of a similar European kit will give you an idea of what the tools can do. I believe the tools are the same despite the kit number.

Makita LCT204W 10.8V Li-ion 2 Piece Kit

If you are unfamiliar with impact drivers heres a link to a good YouTube video

Cordless Impact Drills – The Home Depot

Here’s a short review of the impact driver
Makita TD090DW 1/4″ Impact Driver Review




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