Kwik Link Quick RV Hose Connection

Kwik Link Quick Hose ConnectionDoes your RV have the water hose inlet right on the sidewall? If so, maybe you use or at least tried one or more of the gadgets designed to get your hose pointed down instead of straight out, you know, the elbows, tees and springy things. Well, the folks who make the Kwik Link system think they have a better gadget and I agree with them.

The primary part of the system is a well-designed unit meant to stay permanently connected to the water inlet. The second part is a standard hose quick-connect you screw onto the end of your fresh water hose. It too stays attached. Once the two parts are installed, it’s literally a snap to connect the supply hose to the rig.

Because the two pieces are connected permanently the system also includes plugs and caps to insure everything stays clean when not in use.
The reason you can leave the kwik Link on the RV is its’ low profile. It only protrudes about and inch and a half. That also minimizes the leverage on the sidewall connector, a factor when using the other gadgets.
I don’t know why they made the Kwik Link black. Since most RVs are white or a shade of white, the Kwik Link would be a better match painted white. But that’s my only criticism and the thing is so small that it really doesn’t detract from the RV’s appearance.

All things considered it’s a quality product and a truly useful gadget that I have been using for many years now.
Kwik Link offers models and adaptors to work with other types of hose inlets so just about any RV can use the Kwik Link system.

Disclaimer. I was sent a standard model for review. I received no compensation.



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  1. The original Kwik Link model, the one I use, was designed to be used in RVs with a wall-mounted city water connection. No no door. However the company offers several different models to accommodate just about any type of connection. Check their website for more info.

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