Atwood Introduces On-Demand Water Heater

Atwood introduces on-demand water heaterAtwood Mobile Products’ high performance on-demand water heater (ODWH) is now available to the RV industry, the company announced today.

Over the past several months, Atwood has placed on-demand water heaters into retail consumers units for extensive real world testing, said Fay Flournoy, marketing associate.

“These units were strategically located throughout the United States in order to expose them to a wide range of temperatures and conditions.  Feedback from retail consumers using these test units has been extremely positive,” said Flournoy.

The Atwood ODWH is available in a 50,000-Btu model, which provides up to 50 percent more Btu output than any other large production unit on the market today, she explained. The Atwood ODWH offers the heating power and technology necessary to provide the comfort and ease of use of a residential shower in the customers coach, she noted.

Exclusive to the Atwood ODWH is a modulation valve that senses the flow of incoming water which allows the unit to adjust the burner flame based on hot water demand.  By eliminating the need for a tank, the ODWH offers a weight savings of up to 115 pounds, and is energy efficient due to the fact that LP is consumed only when hot water is demanded.  This is coupled with the fact that the Atwood ODWH can be installed in nearly any current water heater opening without any cutting or sidewall alterations, said Flournoy.

“RV hot water systems and the varied environments in which they perform offer a challenge for which the Atwood ODWH provides a unique and innovative solution,” she said.

The Atwood ODWH is available in the aftermarket through major distributors and to OEM customers.

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