Xantrex Expands Freedom Inverter Line

Xantrex Expands Freedom Inverter Line

Xantrex has expanded its popular Freedom inverter series with the launch of four new models. The new series called Freedom X marks the ongoing evolution of the Freedom inverter first launched in 1992.

The success of the Freedom X OEM version, showcased at the national RV tradeshow last year, inspired the introduction of the new inverters. The OEM version has become a runaway success with leading RV manufacturers including Forest River, Highland Ridge, KZ, Keystone, and Jayco already installing in RVs equipped with residential A/C fridge.

The four new Freedom inverter models – two inverters and two inverters with built-in charger – a multitude of features including extended surge for motor loads, faster transfer time for quick transition from shore to battery, huge wiring bay with quick connect A/C terminals for fast wiring and an onboard LED display.

The compact design’s improved climate protection means the inverter will provide full output in temperatures ranging from minus 4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

All models include internal 30A transfer switch and can be hardwired or installed with the optional GFCI outlet.

The models with built-in charger feature power share, power factor correction, temperature compensation, dead battery charging and custom charge algorithms for lithium-ion applications.

All models meet UL458 regulatory standards.

Freedom XC 2000 (817-2080) – 2000W Inverter / 80A Charger ($775)

Freedom X 2000 (817-2000) – 2000 Inverter ($625)
Freedom XC 1000 (817-1050) – 1000W Inverter / 50A Charger – available September ($575)

Freedom X 1000 (817-1000) – 1000W Inverter – available September ($440)

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