Valterra’s Viper extends septic draining to 20 feet

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Valterra Viper sewer hose kit

Valterra Products has released the Viper, two 10-foot sewer hoses with a center connector to create a 20-foot extension.

RVers no longer have to worry about parking a rig within 10 feet of the dump station or campground’s septic drain. That means they can park away from other obstacles and relax knowing the septic hose is securely connected on both ends without risking over stretching the hose.

The “virtually indestructible” hose is made out of 26-mil thermoplastic elastomer material, making it drag and puncture resistant. The rotating fittings work prevent hose kinks. The hose material is impervious to ultraviolet light and remains flexible in temperatures down to -30 F.

One hose can be used by itself, or both hoses can be connected for additional flexibility in use. Each 10-foot section collapses to 80 inches.

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