Two-Camera Portable Wireless Back-up and Monitoring System by Swift Hitch

Two-Camera Portable Wireless Back-up and Monitoring System by Swift HitchThe new Swift Hitch SH03 offers the capability to position two portable wireless cameras in separate locations. Both cameras transmit to a high definition color monitor with a toggle switch that allows the viewing of the images from the two cameras. The SH03 features an extended antenna to allow placement of a camera in a remote obstructed area.

Swift Hitch SH03 Uses and Benefits:

  • Watch the towing vehicle’s trailer hitch and the trailer being towed.
  • Watch horses in a trailer from two different camera positions.
  • Monitor the trailer load being towed from two locations.
  • Watch two bins or silos that are beside each other fill up.
  • View the front and rear of any moving equipment.
  • View two sides of your truck or trailer.
  • Inspections or surveys from two different angles at the same time.
  • No installation or wiring is needed.
  • One year limited warranty is included.

SH03 system is based upon proven Swift Hitch technology that has been in existence since 2006 with thousands of satisfied users.
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