The RV Hub Claims One Minute RV Hook-Up

The RV Utility Hub
The RV Utility Hub

The RV Utility Hub is a new product by and for RVers. The “Hub” distributes 30 Amp power, water and cable TV – Provides for condensed compact storage of utility cables and hose – integrates all utilities into a single access location – includes self-retrieving coils for fast and convenient utility connections.

These unique features combine to make possible, under one minute hook-ups at RV parks and campgrounds.

What is the Hub? It is a permanently mounted utility storage container that can be installed in, on or under any RV. It’s primary purpose is to facilitate connecting and disconnecting temporary utilities at remote locations, such as an RV park or campground. Inside the Hub there are three permanently installed utility connections, including 30 AMP power, water hose and cable TV. These three typical hookups are connected to the existing RV or motorhome utilities. The Hub utilities are coiled, which dramatically condenses the required storage space and facilitates quick hook-ups and self-retrieval. This specially designed Hub not only provides the opportunity for under one minute hook-ups at RV parks and campgrounds, but safe and convenient storage of utility cables and hose.

The coiled cables and hose can extend up to 20’ and the water hose compartment is designed to also accommodate an optional water filter and pressure regulator. The coils also help keep the hose and cables from contamination due to in-climate or unsanitary conditions. The installation of the Hub is not included in the price of the Hub and should be performed by authorized RV service centers.

This new RV Utility Hub can make your future utility connections a breeze! Visit our website at or call 805.773.2883 for more information.



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