RV Toll Pass: RVers Use A Single Transponder

RV Toll Pass: RVers Use A Single Transponder
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RV Toll Pass allows RVers to use open road tolling across the country with a single transponder and billing account.

TransCore announced on October 28th, 2019, a product that allows RVers to travel across the country using only one transponder to pay tolls electronically without stopping at a toll booth. RV Toll Pass will change the way RVers travel across the country through different tolling jurisdictions.

TransCore’s multi-protocol National Pass technology is available for all RV configurations, including motor homes and trailers, with users tolled at the electronic toll rate, which is typically lower than the cash or video toll rate.

With toll roads in 35 states, until now, RVers have had to navigate different tolling systems, buy multiple tolling transponders, or search for routes to avoid tolling altogether. With the new transponder, drivers can bypass narrow cash lanes conveniently and safely without the worry of receiving unexpected toll charges or violations in the mail.

The new service is tailored exclusively to the needs of the RV community and features a single transponder and single billing account that functions across multiple tolling jurisdictions. Moreover, users are only charged for the service in months the transponder is used.  It is ideal for Snowbirds.

“This technology will change the way RVers use toll roads,” said Don Brady, TransCore’s Vice President of Business Development. “Convenience is key as it makes traveling across the country and through heavily tolled regions much easier. Drivers won’t have to worry about cash lanes, getting on the wrong toll road, or making sure they have the right transponder for where they’re going.”

The RV Toll Pass has a five-year battery life with typical use and typically pays for itself in a single trip. It is available for immediate purchase online at RVTollPass.com from major RV equipment suppliers WESCO Distribution and REV Group Parts.

TransCore has also collaborated with Newmar Corporation to pre-install RV Toll Pass in new RVs. Owners will conveniently activate the device online.  “This product makes perfect sense for any RVer who is traveling cross country on toll roads,” said John Sammut, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Newmar Corporation.

To learn more about RV Toll Pass, visit  www.RVTollPass.com.

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