Camco Improves RhinoEXTREME RV Sewer Hose

Camco Improves RhinoEXTREME RV Sewer Hose

Camco Manufacturing will begin rolling out a newly improved line of RhinoEXTREME RV sewer hose kits in the coming weeks following months of testing and perfecting by design engineers.

According to a press release, features will include:

  • An exoskeleton design that bears the brunt of abrasion, protecting the sewer hose from pinholes and helping to prevent leaks.
  • A hose that is both crushproof and collapsible.
  • Improved compression ratio for storage over the previous RhinoEXTREME RV sewer hose design.

The new hose is constructed of the same durable thermoplastic elastomer material and contains UV-inhibitors to help prolong the life of the hose, even when the hose is out in the sun.

RhinoEXTREME kits will also feature clear sewer elbows rather than translucent ones, to better see when your waste tanks are empty. The kits will also offer pre-attached Rhino swivel fittings, a 4-in-1 dump station fitting and storage caps. When the 4-in-1 adapter is removed, the sewer hose and fittings can be stored in most 4-inch square bumpers.
“The new, exoskeleton RhinoEXTREME is truly our most durable and best-performing sewer hose – and it’s 100% manufactured right here at Camco in Greensboro, N.C.,” said Camco engineer Dallas Eisenhauer.
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