New RV On-Demand Water Heater

The new Truma AquaGoTM RV water heater for OEM and aftermarket use supplies hot water reliably and constantly for showering, rinsing or hand washing in the RV. The burner starts automatically as soon as any hot water valve is opened, Thanks to its 60,000 BTU burner, the Truma AquaGoTM is the most powerful water heater on the market and offers instant hot water around-the-clock. The Truma AquaGoTM comfort and comfort plus models provide first-rate convenience through an integrated circulation pump that automatically maintains a water temperature of approximately 120 °F inside the AquaGoTM or, with the comfort plus model, even in the whole hot water plumbing system. In this way, rapid availability of hot water directly from the faucet is guaranteed. A further benefit is the ‘eco on mode’. It assures maximum energy efficiency as the appliance – unlike standard tank water heaters – only consumes LP gas when hot water is being tapped. This gas saving eco mode is the standard setting for the AquaGoTM basic version.,The comfort and comfort plus versions can be operated even at temperatures of -4 °F without risk of freezing.

Truma AquaGoTM RV water heater
Truma AquaGo RV water heater

As an aftermarket option, the access door is ready to be painted in order to match vehicle graphics or colors without any preparation of the surface. With its compact dimensions the device can easily be installed in standard 6-gallon water heater cut-outs. By using an adapter mounting plate, it can also be fitted in 10, 12, and 16-gallon cut-outs. Additionally, maintenance is simple and intuitive. Before winter or extended storage, a distinctive valve mechanism specially developed by Truma simplifies the process of draining the product.

Truma has been testing the new product with approximately 30 end users and OEMs throughout the US and Canada over the last six months. Gerhard Hundsberger, CEO of Truma, says: “The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. The users acknowledge the added value and maximum convenience the product offers: instant, constant and endless hot water – and above all an unrivaled showering experience like at home.”


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4 Responses to "New RV On-Demand Water Heater"

  1. Neat, I’ve had a tankless instant-on water heater in our house in Black Forest, CO. It was a natural gas model and did use some fuel even when not in use to maintain the instant hot water feature. Think it cost ~$1000 but that was nearly 30 years ago. What’s the price on the RV model?

  2. Need to find out the price of a trauma AquaGo on demand water heater. Just heater. Was told about $1300.00. Plus 250 to install. Does that sound right

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