Monaco Towable Division Closed

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Allied Specialty Vehicles

John Draheim, president of Fleetwood RV and CEO of the Allied Recreation Group, both of which are controlled by Allied Specialty Vehicles, told RV Daily Report that the move made sense considering the market.

“Monaco’s towable division was very small in the scheme in our whole portfolio of companies. The division represented less than 2 percent of total sales,” he explained. “Our motorhome business continues to improve and the market is getting stronger. We decided we need to focus our resources and efforts on capturing growth in that expanding segment of the market.”

ASV to honor warranty

To assure customers and dealers, ASV has announced that it will fully honor the warranty offered on the Holiday Rambler and Trail-Lite towable products it has sold, and that includes RVs already owned by customers as well as those still on dealership lots.

“Whether they have one month left on their warranty, or 11 months, customers should know we intend to honor that warranty, and will reimburse dealers who work on their RVs,” said Draheim. “Dealers can still sell the units at retail prices knowing that any needed warranty work will be covered.

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