FireFly: Space Station Inspired Compact Truck Camper

Garrett Finney used to work for NASA designing living spaces on the International Space Station. In 2009, he left to build lightweight campers. So what kind of camper would you expect a former NASA designer to build? One that looks like a space capsule of course.  After a few years and a few prototypes, he came up with the firefly.

firefly truck camper

The camper fits into the bed of a truck or onto the back of a small trailer. Constructed mostly from aluminum and EPS foam, firefly weighs about 600 pounds making it a good match for light vehicles.
fire-fly-interiorThe interior is spartan at best, but it is more secure than a tent and for transporting and storing gear. You can put your gear beneath the beds, which fold up to provide sitting benches and tables. There are four windows so you can look at your surroundings.
Perched on it’s optional landing jacks the firefly looks more like a lunar lander than a typical camper.
Firefly is in development by taxa lp – creators of the cricket trailer. Check out more images of firefly here.

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