Dometic’s New RV Slide Topper Unveiled at Open House

Dometic SlideTopper
Dometic SlideTopper (file photo)

Dometic’s redesigned SlideTopper – a recreation vehicle protective awning that keeps debris from accumulating on top of the slide-out – was unveiled during the RV Open House in northern Indiana’s Elkhart County on Sept. 17-18. It was on display in the Dometic showroom for visiting dealers, which numbered more than 150, as well as already installed on some models in RV manufacturers’ exhibit areas.

“The SlideTopper is an RV product that’s been with Dometic probably over 15 years, and it’s been the most popular design of its type for those 15 years,” said Mike Hicks, global product development director for Dometic. “But it was time to do a facelift.”

While a facelift is what the SlideTopper received, according to RV awning engineer Brent Taylor, the result was not just a better-looking product, but a more value-added product all around, which was recognized and appreciated by the visiting RV dealers.

“The new SlideTopper has a simplified installation process and uses the same holes for replacement as the previous version, which helps our OEM customers and RV service centers. Its modern aesthetics and smoother lines fit well with modern RV designs and please the end users, and that makes the coach a more sellable unit for OEMs. It uses a strategic structural design and retains Dometic’s time-tested anti-billow system, which means a more reliable product for the end user and fewer warranty issues for the OEM,” Taylor described.

This depth of detail is in keeping with Dometic’s renewed emphasis on product innovation following a global reorganization over the last several months, according to Hicks.

“We created this specifically to retain the high function that Dometic’s RV customers have come to expect, but also give some benefit to every person at every touchpoint along its journey from our drawing board to being used at a campground,” he said. “That’s the Dometic standard, and one we love to live up to.”

For more information on the new SlideTopper, contact your Dometic sales representative or call 574-294-2511.



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