Bowlus Road Chief Aluminum Travel Trailer

Bowlus Road Chief Aluminum Travel Trailer

Bowlus Road Chief Aluminum Travel Trailer

You might think this is a finely restored classic from before the days of Airstream, but it is not. This is the 2017 Bowlus Road Chief. Classic in appearance, this travel trailer boast modern construction and features.

Bowlus Road Chief Features

  • Flooring is fully heated.
  • All countertops are stainless steel.
  • A cellular amplifier along with a mini booster makes connecting a cinch.
  • Thanks to the low overall height just shy of eight feet and the removable tongue (not as painful as it sounds) the Road Chief can be parked virtually anywhere.
  • The walls are insulated with polystyrene – just right to keep cool in the summer and warm when the temperature dips.
  • The interior height is a very comfortable 6’4”.
  • The showerhead can be passed through the emergency exit to allow for outdoor showering or rinsing of guests, dogs or sports gear.
  • The battery is high-quality, maintenance-free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) with over 200 amp/hr unit, which is durable and safer than standard batteries.
  • The interior wood panels are hand-fitted, then removed and finished on all surfaces and hand-fitted again. All extra time to ensure any unwanted moisture stays at bay.
  • The state-of-the-art seating fabric offers a beautiful, super-soft, luxurious washable surface that feels better than leather and is spill, stain, and pet resistant.
  • The Sunbrella awning is 10 feet wide and sets up on either side.
  • Energy-sipping LED lights are used throughout, extending battery life.
  • Natural light is maximized wherever possible, through windows and translucent skylights (you’ll find two mid-cabin), so there’s little need to turn on lighting during the day.
  • Every owner can name their Bowlus Road Chief on the fender skirt.
Bowlus Road Chief Aluminum Travel Trailer Interior
Bowlus Road Chief Aluminum Travel Trailer

Sold Factory Direct
With the Bowlus Road Chief 2017 – Open Road Edition – you can choose from a dozen outstanding curated interiors or for a small additional charge from hundreds of specially curated themes to ensure your Road Chief reflects your personal style. Every Bowlus Road Chief is delivered with a polished, mirror-shine exterior skin. The interior is a combination of stunning wood and aluminum with stainless steel counter tops. Luxury bedding and a fully heated floor finish off your interior experience. Outdoors, a Sunbrella awning moves easily side to side. The Bowlus Road Chief 2017 – Open Road Edition – is $137,000. which comes with twin bedding, you can also add the king bedding package for $3,000. You’ll find on the reserve form a few extras like tool kits, cleaning kits and accessories for your consideration along with a fabulous Road Chief Concierge service so your first trip out will be a breeze.

The Bowlus Road Chief 2017 Heritage Edition – is priced at $115,000.

Get more information from the company’s website.



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