In-Motion RV Satellite Dish by Winegard

In-Motion RV Satellite Dish by Winegard

Winegard just announced it’s new RoadTrip T4 Automatic In-Motion RV Satellite Dish.

The roof mounted antenna, which lets families enjoy live TV while traveling down the road, works with Dish, DirecTV and Bell TV programming.

“The T4 is simple to use with 100 percent automatic, easy one-button operation.” said Eric Guldager, national sales manager for Winegard Mobile Products. “The sleek, compact, ultra-lightweight unit requires minimal roof space.

“In addition, new motors and updated tracking algorithms reduce noise levels and improve tracking capabilities for quicker recovery when losses occur behind obstructions such as trees and bridges,” he explained.

The Winegard RoadTrip T4 has full in-motion tracking capability, as well as two receiver capability. The T4 sells for $1,399 and is available for purchase.

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