New Aftermarket Electric Stabilizers for Small Motorhomes

Stabi-Lite® automatic leveling system
Stabi-Lite® automatic leveling system for smaller Class B and Class C motorhomes

After receiving excellent results with several RV manufacturers, Equalizer Systems Inc. is now introducing its Stabi-Lite® automatic electric RV stabilizing system to the RV dealer and retail aftermarket.

Results of OEM assessments have shown the Stabi-Lite system to be an excellent, durable solution for Class C and Class B motor homes and other smaller RVs that can experience a noticeable lean and constant swaying when RVers walk around inside with the slide room extended. Stabi-Lite eliminates this insecure situation by providing a very solid, level platform through a system that deploys automatically with a single touch.

Providing this kind of stability makes Stabi-Lite the perfect aftermarket application for the lighter Ford, Chevrolet and Sprinter chassis. In fact, it is the only custom-fit, bolt-on, electric stabilizing system for the increasingly popular Sprinter chassis. Weighing less than 80 pounds, it is a very fuel-efficient and green add-on, including its low-profile design that decreases height required by traditional systems, adding to the aerodynamic profile of contemporary RVs.

Most attractively for the aftermarket, Stabi-Lite is designed to be easy and quick to install with a chassis-specific clamp style mount that requires no welding or drilling. Anyone with basic mechanical skills should be able to install the whole system in about two hours. RVers will also find the system to be an exceptional value as an affordable alternative to more expensive hydraulic leveling systems.

“Stabi-Lite has received rave reviews from our RV manufacturing customers,” said Jason Loose, outside sales representative for Equalizer Systems. “So we thought the time was right to bring to the aftermarket this simple and affordable solution for the instability people can feel in a smaller slide-out RV.

“Furthermore, Equalizer is constantly designing custom brackets for additional applications as well, and we expect Stabi-Lite to become an attractive system for race trailers and other special uses.”

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