30 Amp RV SmartPlug System

30 Amp RV SmartPlug System

Last updated on April 26th, 2019 at 03:28 pm

The 30A RV SmartPlug System addresses the failings of old-fashioned, twist-type connections with a safe, smart approach.

30 amp Smart Plug and inletThe innovative RV SmartPlug System consists of an inlet, and cord set with a 30 amp connector RVers have used for generations. But the RV-side connection sets this power system apart.

The 30 amp connection made between the SmartPlug inlet and connector provides 20 times the metal contact than a traditional twist-type plug for maximum electrical transfer. This reduces resistance, and subsequent overheating, and the potential for fires.

A sleeve design with dual, stainless steel locking levers bears the cord tension, not the electrical pins. Traditional connectors rely on pushing in and twisting. Even with a locking ring, cords can be pried loose and internal parts damaged if someone accidentally trips on the cord. SmartPlug utilizes an overbuilt connector and inlet for maximum durability and safety. And because of its asymmetrical shape with triple weatherproof seals, it’s effortless to orient and connect the plug, even in a dark campsite.

The SmartPlug System inlet is easy to install, the release stated. Mounting holes match industry standards, so it’s a matter of unscrewing four screws, connecting the wires to the new inlet and reinstalling in the same cut-out. For RVers who want to reuse their existing cable, 30A Retro-fit Connectors are available.

The inlet comes in four versions to match an RV’s trim color: black, white, gray and stainless steel. 30A connectors, inlets, combo sets, and standard and dual configuration cord sets with the standard park power connectors are available.

SmartPlug Systems doesn’t make a broad range of electrical parts. Its sole focus is to build the safest, most reliable power supply equipment available. Their products meet or exceed stringent code compliance standards in the US and Canada.

For more information, visit www.smartplug.com.

SOURCE: SmartPlug press release


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