Winnebago Adventure Vehicle Targets Millennials

Winnebago Adventure Vehicle Targets Millennials

Winnebago Adventure Vehicle

Like many RV makers, Winnebago considers the 55-plus crowd its key customer base. Yet the company is increasingly looking at ways to appeal to younger customers, particularly millennials.

That generation has shown an affinity for tiny homes, minimalist living and full-time freelancing work. Plus, campers and motorhomes make it easy to get close to outdoor destinations.

In recent years, Winnebago has added bike racks, installed more USB charging stations and brought utility lines inside RVs to allow for more winter use, said product manager Russ Garfin.

Still in the concept stage, the Winnebago Adventure Vehicle built on a Mercedes van chassis was developed with millennials in mind.

The four-wheel-drive coach is tailor-made for enthusiasts of mountain biking, rock climbing and other outdoor adventures. Also, at a much lower price point, a new retro-looking teardrop trailer is positioned to compete for younger buyers.

“We feel really strongly that there’s going to be continuous driving down of age point for RV buyers,” Garfin said. “Our current age buyers are also crossing over and enjoying those same kinds of products.”

The typical age of an RV owner is 48, according to 2011 research from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. That number represented a one-year decrease from 2005 data, and the organization believes the average age of customers continues to decline, RVIA spokesman Kevin Broom said.

“Those figures indicate younger people, including millennials, are moving into the market,” Garfin said.

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