Washington State Parks Camping Winter Schedule

Washington State Parks Camping Winter Schedule
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The Washington State Parks Camping Winter Schedule was announced for 2017-18 listing more than 100 parks remaining open for camping or day use activities.

Each year, the state parks department selects which parks will remain open and which will close or offer only partial services through the blustery winter season. Some areas will only be open on weekends and holidays, and campers should be aware that water systems are shut off during the winter season at some locations. Additionally, some docks are closed or completely removed from the water.

According to a press release from the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, “State Parks works to maintain services within its current operating budget and to provide a geographic balance of services across the state. Parks that close in the winter generally close in October, or early November, and reopen in the spring when weather and conditions allow.”

The complete winter schedule for Washington State Parks is available online

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