Workamper News Small Biz RV School

Workamper News Small Biz RV School

Small Biz RV School helps Workamper News Gold-level members start and maintain small businesses from their recreation vehicles.

This resource is for those people who have a desire to learn, develop and take action on building a small business to receive all of the benefits a small business can provide today’s RVers, said Steve Anderson, president of Workamper News.

“Our mission is to help you travel the country and reduce your costs, plus have many of your expenses reduce your tax liability,” he said.

The Small Biz RV School is available to all Workamper Gold members of Workamper News.

Workamper News will be partnering with professional resources such as Mark J. Kohler, CPA and attorney at law, to provide members with valuable resources that would normally cost hundreds of dollars in consulting fees to obtain, said Anderson.

To view a video on the advantages of operating a small business while traveling in an RV, and for more information on the Small Biz RVer School, click here.



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