Blue Ridge Parkway Campgrounds Fee Hikes Proposed

Blue Ridge Parkway Campgrounds Fee Hikes Proposed

Fees could rise at Blue Ridge Parkway campgrounds if a proposal now out for public comment is adopted.

Under the proposed fee schedule, Parkway campgrounds that currently cost $16 a night would rise to $20 a night, while the existing $30 group camping fee would increase to $35. In addition, non-campers would be subject to two new fees — $3 for campground showers and $5 for dropping trash at campground dump facilities.

Senior and Access Pass discounts would still apply to per-night camping fees, resulting a $2 increase to $10 per night. Passes would not be accepted for non-camper shower and dump fees, or for group camping reservations.

“We are committed to keeping the Parkway camping opportunities affordable and to provide visitors with the best possible experience,” said Blue Ridge Parkway Superintendent Mark Woods. “The money from camping fees is used to maintain and improve existing campground infrastructure such as picnic tables, tent pads, and visitor facilities.”

The fee increase or Blue Ridge Parkway campgrounds would help offset larger infrastructure improvements such as paving, shower facilities and utility upgrades.

Comments can be submitted through Sept. 15 at

Story Source; Smoky Mountain News


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  1. Jacqueline O Chaplin · Edit

    I would be for the increased fees if the campgrounds would allow limited generator hours. When it only takes a few minutes to heat up something in a microwave, it is frustrating to have to setup a grill, especially when usually staying one night

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