RV Weight Ratings and Weighing Your RV

RV manufacturers provide load ratings on certification tags at various points inside or outside the RV. The certification tags are usually placed as follows (if you can’t locate the sticker, check with your dealer):

  • Motor homes: on door edge/pillar, or near the driver’s position in the interior.
  • Pickup Camper: on back exterior wall.
  • Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels: on front left-side exterior wall.
  • Tow Vehicles: on driver’s side door frame.

To weigh your RV, a level, commercial platform scale is needed to obtain five weights… look in the yellow pages of your local telephone directory under “Scales—Public Weighers”:

  • The entire vehicle with all wheels on the scale.
  • Front axle with only the front wheels parked on the scale.
  • Rear axle with only the rear wheels parked on the scale.
  • Left side with only the left front and back wheels on the scale.
  • Right side with only the right front and back wheels on the scale.
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