Your Sewer Hose Needs Your Support

The reason there are so many products that claim to be the ideal way to support a sewer hose is that none come close to ideal… some are just silly. Most are too expensive and too bulky for easy storage, but we buy them anyway because we need something.

That brings me to the system I’ve used for many years. It’s not ideal… there’s no such thing… but it’s cheap and it works in most situations where I need to support my sewer hose.

I use 4 foot lengths of plastic rain gutter in combination for an overall length of about 12 feet. Back when I purchased the gutter it was around $10 total. I suppose you’d pay closer to $20 now days.

To use more than one length of gutter, overlap them about eight inches and secure the joint with a zip tie or bungee cord. On longer runs you may have to support the middle section of the hose/gutter.
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Every RVer should have a supply of zip or cable ties. They’re handy as both temporary or permanent fasteners. You can buy an assortment of sizes, but make sure you have a good number of the stronger and longer size since they are the most versatile. Need a tie longer than you have? Just zip one to another to make one twice the length.

When adding a sewer-hose fitting or coupler to a sewer hose, dip the end of the hose in hot water first. This will soften the hose and make it easier to slip in the fitting.

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