You need to know the weight of your RV

For safety and to prevent unnecessary damage, you need to know the weight of your RV.

Every RV has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating… the maximum weight including all supplies and passengers which the RV can safely carry. RV manufactures will list the GVWR on a sticker somewhere on the RV. But unless you know the actual weight of the RV you can’t calculate the amount of passengers and supplies you can carry and still be under the GVWR.

While you must rely on the manufacturer’s GVWR, you shouldn’t rely on the manufacturer or other source to tell the actual weight of your RV. Manufacturers are often optimistic about weight and seldom factor in options like air conditioners, generators, extra batteries, awnings etc. which can add hundreds of pounds to the rig.

To get a true weight for your RV you need to find a drive-on public scale. A town of any size should have a public scale. Look under public scales in the phonebook yellow pages.

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