Why do people camp? Campspot Survey Answer

Why do people camp? Campspot Survey Answer

Campspot says its mission is to make camping easier for travelers and campground owners alike. They believe it is critical to understand the outdoor industry’s continued growth as well as answer the question, “Why do people camp?”

For the 2021 Campspot State of Camping Report, Campspot asked thousands of US campers not just why they camp but how they camp and what would help them camp more.

Below is a summary of what they learned. You can download the full report here. 

Why Do People Camp

Our findings demonstrated the high-value consumers place on time spent with family as 27% of respondents listed “family vacation time” as their reason for camping. Following closely, the sense of relaxation derived from the great outdoors motivates 25% of respondents to camp.

As we continue to adapt to the global pandemic, we felt it necessary to inquire how travelers feel traveling in 2021. The results were a resounding 80% of respondents saying they look forward to vacation.

What does this mean for the camping industry? Nearly 45% of those considering camping say they are more likely to go camping this year because they believe it is safer than staying at a hotel or indoor travel. Yet, it’s not just the safety from COVID that is motivating campers.

Nearly 40% of those considering a camping trip indicate that “missing nature” is their top reason for camping. Whether it is the perfect setting for a family reunion, the safety it provides against the virus, or the peacefulness it provides, Mother Nature sure knows how to nurture.

The Booking Experience

As experienced campers can attest, the difficulties of planning one’s camping trip can potentially diminish the joy of the trip itself. Thankfully, an online booking platform such as Campspot can alleviate the stress of planning.

Our findings indicate that 72% of participants said they book online because of its ease. Other factors attributing to the decision to book online include site varieties, location options, and affordability.

Of course, the experience extends beyond the initial booking. For example, 65% of respondents listed “easy-to-reference confirmation details” as the most critical resource leading to their camping trip. We’re happy to share that by having an account and booking with Campspot, travelers can access their reservation details quickly and in the same spot. It’s just one of the ways we make camping easier.

Getting to Camp

The report’s results indicate that most participants (46%) typically travel up to 500 miles. Of course, travel distance is mainly dependent on destination options.

Proximity to a National/State Park or the beach/lake is the leading factor when deciding where to camp. Campspot’s inventory includes almost 100 campgrounds within about 50 miles of a US National Park.

About 46% of campgrounds listed on Campspot have a waterfront or water feature for those drawn to the water. These findings highlight travelers’ preferences regarding a camping destination and help us lead travelers to the campgrounds they prefer.

While at Camp

Ultimately, the report concludes that most participants (31%) like to spend their time camping simply relaxing at the campground. While campgrounds provide their guests a variety of amenities, high-quality showers (36%) and family activities (32%) are the most valued ones.

Campspot’s campground profiles include detailed campground descriptions, listed amenities, site specifications, and campground images to ensure we’re connecting campers with the correct park for their next getaway.


Why do people camp? Overall, the report demonstrates how the simplicities of camping intertwine to provide individuals and families a place of relaxation and opportunity for connection; to nature and one another. We at Campspot are honored to provide campers a tool that helps them find that very spot.

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