Using household furniture in your RV

Using household furniture in your RV will depend on the size and floor plan of RV you have or intend to buy.

Your first concern will be will it fit through the door? RV Doors are not as wide as house doors and are often flanked by cabinets or walls making it even more difficult to maneuver large furniture through the door.

Will you have room for it? RVs are designed for efficient use of space so you’ll almost always have to remove something before adding your own furniture.

You will also have to consider how you will secure the furniture when you are traveling. Anything in an RV, especially a motorhome, MUST BE FASTENED DOWN when on the road. If not, the first time you come to a screeching halt, everything loose behind you will come heading your way at near the speed you were traveling at before you stopped.

Weight is going to be an issue as well. One of the reasons RVers want to use household furniture is because it’s build better or is larger and more comfortable. But both of these factor into the weight of the furniture.

An RVer wrote, “I tossed the sofa in the RV so I could have a recliner. I also brought in a drop-leaf table that I wanted to use to give me space for sewing and working puzzles, so the swivel rocker in the RV went out the door. I follow the rule — Weight In = Weight Out. Before I buy something I toss out an equal amount of weight.”


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