Under RV Sewer Hose Storage Tube

It doesn’t take too much RVing experience to learn that, when it comes to hook-ups, every campground and RV park is different.

Most of the time the sewer connection and utilities are reasonably close and convenient but then there are times when you have to get out the RV extension cord, an extra 25′ of water hose and another 20′ of sewer hose.

Now storing an RV extension cord and and extra water hose isn’t a big deal but finding space for an extra 20 feet of stinky sewer hose can be a problem. You can only stuff one hose in the bumper.. what do you do with the other one?

For the longest time I’ve been storing mine in a plastic tote box I keep in the truck bed. It works but it’s less than ideal.

Every since we got our new fifth wheel I’ve wanted to make one of those storage tubes that hang under the RV. I’m sure you’ve seen several types of commercial storage tubes but they are not in my budget.

Anyway, I’ve put off the project mostly because I couldn’t work out in my head a parts list and plan of action. Looking at all the different commercial types just confused the issue. I have planned to head for the big orange home improvement store and do a little brainstorming but just haven’t made the time.

Well, now I don’t have the excuse of not having a parts list and plan of action thanks to a member of the RVbasics Yahoo Group. She provided the group with a parts list and basic instructions she and her husband used to make theirs.

Too keep this email short I won’t include them here. If you are interested in building an RV sewer hose storage tube for yourself you’ll find the instructions at the RVbasics.com website.

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