Turn Your RV Refrigerator into a Message Center

Space in your RV at a premium? Looking for a handy place to pin up your grocery and to-do lists? Want to display the latest photographs and artwork of the grandkids? Consider your refrigerator doors.

The decorative panels on the refrigerator doors are easy to remove and can be replaced with a cork board, a white board or sheet metal …if you are into refrigerator magnets.

You can find all three of these type boards at your local office supply store.

You can make your own white board with a smooth, glossy finish (to write on with dry erase pens) from a piece of plain shower board found at home supply stores.

Be sure you measure your door panel before you go to the store so you get a board large enough. Chances are that what you buy will need to be cut to size. If you’re not comfortable cutting the board yourself you can most likely find a cabinet maker who will cut a cork board or wallboard. You may need to find a sheet metal shop to cut the steel metal panel to size.

To finish up you will need push pins for a cork board, dry erase pens for a white board and magnets for the sheet metal. Refrigerator magnets are fun, collectible souvenirs of your travels. Get a couple 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 inch notepads with the sticky border on the page backs. Remove ten or twelve sheets from the front of the pad and stick them on your new bulletin board for your next grocery list.

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