Turn Off Your Faucets!

Steve said I should have used a checklist but I don’t think it would have helped in this case. Headed south on I-5 we stopped at San Luis RV Resort in Santa Nella, CA. Steve was handling the outside connections and I was ‘undoing’ things inside for the one-night stopover. When I used the restroom before we headed to Andersen’s Pea Soup place for dinner, I noticed the faucet in the sink had no water. No problem. I grabbed one of those handy ‘baby wipes’ that we find useful for many things in the RV and truck when we’re on the road (Quick Tip there) and made a mental note to tell Steve not to forget to turn on the water supply.

We got back from dinner to find a big puddle beneath our rig. A neighbor said he had noticed it and shut off the water supply. We searched and researched but could find no reason for the water leak and concluded the grey/black water holding tank for the front bathroom had overflowed. Steven Emptied the tank and the dripping began to slow.

Finally we turned the outside water tap on and I went inside. I heard water running and quickly discovered the gushing faucet in the bathroom that I had forgotten to turn off when it had no water before dinner. I think you can figure out what the Tip is here.

Fortunatly, the tank had been flushed the day before and was nearly empty when we parked so what leaked was mostly clean water. There was no damage to the rig since the holding tank and the leak were ‘under’ the trailer.

The story has a nice ending though. In the morning I went to the office to confess my stupidity to the young woman who had checked us in the evening before. I wanted to make sure they knew of my mishap so they could spray some beach on the site we were vacating. On morning duty in the office I discovered our friend who had owned the park before. He was running it again! It was great to get to see him and catch up on the news about he and his wife. One of the really great things about RVing is reconnecting with old friends. That would not have happened had I not gone in to report the problem.

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