Trucker Bungee Cords – Not Just for Truckers

Between the two of us, Fran and I use lots of bungee cords when we’re traveling. You can get a bundle of different sizes for less than $10 so I usually keep plenty on hand. They’re great for securing things in storage compartments, gear in the truck bed and even inside. But they have their limits. They don’t have a lot of tension strength and they don’t last long when exposed to sunlight.

When I need to secure something heavy or use one that will be outside for a long time I use the rubber bungees truckers use. Unlike typical bungees, trucker type bungees (My Dad called them snubbers) are solid rubber and have heavy gauge steel hooks. They have good tension strength and withstand weather conditions better. I’ve used the same rubber bungee to hang a 35 pound cement block from my DishNet dish for a year now. There’s no way a typical bungee could do that.

They may not be as cheap as the typical bungees but most sizes cost around a dollar so they are affordable.

Be careful where you buy them though… I bought some at an auto parts store once that deteriorated quickly when I left them in the truck bed. Although I’ve seen them for sale at hardware stores, to be sure you get the kind truckers use, buy them at a truck stop store.

If you need to tie down a heavy generator or propane cylinder in the back of your truck, or secure your bikes to a bike rack or your step ladder to your RV’s roof ladder consider using trucker bungees.

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