Travel Trailer Turn Signal & Marker Lights Upgrade

Have you even been pulling your travel trailer or fifth wheel and signaled to make a lane change and the guy next to you just doesn’t seem to get the message. You watch your mirror, waiting for him to take some kind of action that will allow you to move over but he just hangs there next to your trailer.

It’s bad enough when it happens out on the highway, but when you’re in urban traffic trying to maneuver 50 feet of rig for an upcoming turn or lane merge it can get frustrating really fast.

Fifth wheel turn signal/marker light

Think about it, if a motorist is just forward of the end of your trailer, there’s a good chance he can’t see your rear lights and it’s possible the turn signal light on your truck is obscured by the front corner of your trailer.

On our old Prowler fifth wheel the back of the truck was very close to the front of the trailer and the truck tail lights were hard to see from the back of the trailer. My solution was to mount a pair of combination signal/marker lights at the front corner of the fifth wheel.

I really feel that extra signal lights help to make my intention to change lanes apparent to motorists and at night the marker lights help out as well. When we got our new fifth wheel one of the first modifications I did was to add an extra pair of signal/marker lights like on the old Prowler. And, on the theory that more is better I added two more signal lights to each side. You can read more and see photos about how I upgraded the marker and turn signal lights on the Coachmen.

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